Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

What makes for a successful viral marketing campaign is one that keeps coming back to haunt you.   A few months ago I planted a seed to a viral marketing campaign that continues to bring back visitors.  The simple campaign, if you really want to call it that, was the famous Pittsburgh Steeler’s Fan Funeral.  This campaign is resurfacing own its own, Since the Steelers aren’t doing so well.

The whole things was setup to see what kind of traffic I would get to my server.  Much of my traffic came from and the rest from zipped and stumble upon.

Of course I peppered the page with Adsense ads, but what made this interesting is that I server I had placed the photos on was the same virtual host that I have my timeshare website sitting.  So with this strange funeral photo shoot came ads that were related to buying and selling timeshares (According to Google Adwords these are some high-paying keywords).  I made a few pennies with Adsense with this viral marketing campaign.  But this is not why I consider it successful.  I consider this successful for a few reasons:

  • I can almost guarantee you that there are Steeler fans that have this bookmarked and will visit the page again next year.
  • Someone who finds humor in photographing funerals will certainly discover this site.
  • New humor portal sites are popping up left and right and will certainly stumble upon my covert viral marketing campaign and repost the link.

So I don’t see myself touching this viral campaign because it will surely take care of itself.  I will not move it to another server either…I think it is doing just fine over at

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