Sadly, so many people nominated me that they closed out voting on this!  Ah well.  Let’s see what happens next week.

Hey gang, I need your help. is currently running their CEO of the year for 2006.  Since I am the CEO of Tony Rocks LLC, I figured heck, I’m just as qualified as any CEO out there to win this title.  Many of you are thinking, Tony, what makes you think you should be the CEO of the Year?  Well let me tell you a few things.  For once, I am not a money grubbing scoundrel. 

 I didn’t make billions in bonuses this past year,  and I’ve always given my employees everything I’ve ever made.   Who cares that I’m my own employee, but still, it shows that I do care.  I live a pretty modest life…drive a modest car and care about the environment.  I’ve always given back to the environment.  For instance,  I’ve used bottles of water and then I put the empty bottles into the recycle bins on garbage night. 

So lets make this happen.  If Jerry Springer can last for as long as he did on Dancing With the Stars, then I have a chance to be nominated as the CEO of the Year for Market Watch. 

Cast your vote here for me!  And please, please, please…tell your friends.  If you do vote for me, please send me an email telling me so.  I will plug your website or cause on my daily posts.

Good Luck to Me 🙂

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