You’ve seen them in use since the late 90s and I still scratch my head as to why they are still in use. I give you the top 3 crappiest marketing slogans still in use today:

3. Synergizing eBusiness – Who made up that word? Synergy? “Yeah! That word sounds cool! Let’s use it!” *BARF*

2. Getting I.T. Done – Getting IT or I.T.? What is wrong with getting E.T. Done? STUPID

1. Exceeding Expectations – Whoa! Slow down there cowboy! What if I expected you to screw things up? That would rock. *Toilet Flush Sound*

If your company still uses any of the above then it is time that you contact a marketing firm…or for that matter a 5th grader who could easily come up with something better in art class while sniffing glue.


Top 3 Crappiest Clip Art

3. The Cell Phone Talker – Easily describes that your company is very tech savvy. This company does innerweb!

2. Customer Support – How may I help you? If only they all looked like her J

They really look like this:

1. The Hand Shake – You’ve seen many variations. This clip is so hot that Microsoft has included it with Office since ’97!





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