Is GM Shutting Down Chevrolet and Buick?

Gm_logoYou have to wonder these days if GM is up to something.  I’ve notice some strangeness on a few select GM brands, in particular Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac.  Before I get to that, just take into consideration that GM is losing money left and right and that Toyota just cakewalked past Chrysler and Ford as the bottom three automakers in the U.S.  GM’s market share is dropping while Toyota’s is doubling and has a “secret” goal of getting 15 percent market share in the US.

So where am I going with this?  Well GM’s first spell of disaster was when Oldsmobile, one of the oldest automakers in the world, was wiped off the face of the Earth.  Their fate was sealed when after 90 years they decided a change of logo would help things out…not true.  The rocket logo that Olds was so recognized for took a nosedive if you ask me.

The next thing for GM to do is to try to “re-brand” its brands, just in case they have to get rid of them.  Why not put every brand under the GM moniker? The strangeness I’ve noticed was the fact that on almost every new GM car you will see a GM logo on the front fender of each brand…Cadillac, Chevy, Saturn, Buick, take your pick.   

In order to grab back market share GM needs to de-saturate its model lineup and lump them into one encompassing GM product.  So does this mark the end of Chevy, Buick, Cadillac and others?  Who knows, but seeing that China has a goal of taking on US market share with their line of vehicles (and I see them destroying what’s left of Ford and Chrysler), GM has to come up with a few new and better tricks.  Their last one involved having China develop and build the engine for their Chevy Equinox SUV.  Oh well…time to go take a ride in my GM Escalade.

Tony Rocks – CEO of the Year

Sadly, so many people nominated me that they closed out voting on this!  Ah well.  Let’s see what happens next week.

Hey gang, I need your help. is currently running their CEO of the year for 2006.  Since I am the CEO of Tony Rocks LLC, I figured heck, I’m just as qualified as any CEO out there to win this title.  Many of you are thinking, Tony, what makes you think you should be the CEO of the Year?  Well let me tell you a few things.  For once, I am not a money grubbing scoundrel. 

 I didn’t make billions in bonuses this past year,  and I’ve always given my employees everything I’ve ever made.   Who cares that I’m my own employee, but still, it shows that I do care.  I live a pretty modest life…drive a modest car and care about the environment.  I’ve always given back to the environment.  For instance,  I’ve used bottles of water and then I put the empty bottles into the recycle bins on garbage night. 

So lets make this happen.  If Jerry Springer can last for as long as he did on Dancing With the Stars, then I have a chance to be nominated as the CEO of the Year for Market Watch. 

Cast your vote here for me!  And please, please, please…tell your friends.  If you do vote for me, please send me an email telling me so.  I will plug your website or cause on my daily posts.

Good Luck to Me :)

Why Listen to Me When Talkin About SEO?

Because I rock, that’s why.  I’ve bumped up on to page one of Google’s search results for playstation iii.  Yes, I know, it is not playstation 3, but still, people are still searching for playstation iii.  Of course I know as soon as I post this, Google will drop my page rank and de-list me, but still I just wanted to let you know that SEO and WordPress do go great together.

Playstation III, coming next month! WooWHOO!

Photographic Proof that Castro is Alive, Not Dead

We’ve secretly obtained some photos of Castro which is proof that he is not dead, but totally alive and well.  Hopefully these will dispell any ideas or thoughts that Cuba’s leader is not around.

  Here is a photograph of the supposedly dead Castro standing in front of a water flume ride at a local amusement park called Kennywood.

 Supposedly dead Castro riding on the 100 year old Auto Racers ride at Kennywood.  Look how much fun he is having. Looks pretty good in yellow!

Wee…who doesn’t enjoy a ride on the swing. Here is a photograph of Castro hanging out at a local park…enjoying the sun of beautiful free Cuba..

Castro hanging out with Captain Chaos while participating in the Cannon Ball Run…Cuba Edition.

So there you have it, photographic proof that Castro is alive and well and seemingly putting in some travel time around the world…and you see it here first at

Adsense Reporting Tool for Firefox

You know, one thing I really dig about firefox is its extensibility features.  It is so easy to add cool extensions on the fly.  My buddy Garick over at told me that I was silly to be logging into Adsense ever 10 minutes to see the exta pennies I’ve earned. 

He then also pointed me to a nice Adsense extention for firefox called Adsense Notifier.  This thing is great…I just give it my login information and it plops my impressions, CTR and Google Adsense earnings for the day at the bottom status bar of Firefox.