New Fountains of Wayne Video + Demetri Martin = Awesome

I’ve got to tell you, I really dig the new Fountains of Wayne tune called Someone to Love.  They’ve finally released a video for it…and it contains the super cool comic, Demetri Martin.  I don’t usually plug music videos, but this tune sticks to my ribs.

Check out their MySpace Page here.

SEO from Scratch – My Lemon Law Help Site

Just a quick post to introduce a a new project of mine to blog about Lemon Laws.  I actually know people who have been through the whole process of getting their car qualified as a lemon.  Learning from them I decided to create a site devoted to Lemon Laws.

But I didn’t want to just leave it at that.  I wanted to start from scratch with all of the techniques of properly “SEOing” a website.  My check list is this:

  • Use Word Press
  • Write a blog post here to get things spidered
  • Add Google Analytics code.
  • Turn on Custom PermaLinks so that my URL’s contained the key phrases
  • Modify the header.PHP file to swap the wording around to reflect the blog post
  • Install the home page control plugin to maintain a static home page
  • Add links relates to lemon law subjects
  • Add the sitemap builder
  • Add Adsense Injection to help me make some cash from this venture
  • Wire an article about lemon laws and post it to with a link to this new site

I’ll let you know how the progress goes with my lemon law site.  I know it sucks that I have it as a subdomain of a totally unrelated subject blog, but what the heck. 

Let’s just throw that strangeness in to see how the search engine listings grow.

Google Trends Replaces Zeitgeist

Dario Franchitti and Ashley Judd I know it has been a few days since Google Zeitgeist turned into Google Trends, but I just wanted to say a few words about it.  First of all, why mess with a good thing?  I used to love going to Zeitgeist to find the latest to blog about, even though the data was over a week old. 

Google Hot trends on the other hand is automatically generated in real-time.  With its geo-targeting, Hot Trends shows you the top-10 searches for the day in your part of the world.  What I find amusing about this is that the majority of the top-10 Hot Trend items are usually obscure to me.  Just look at today’s list:

1) dario franchitti <- Who?

2) indy 500 results <- Indy What?

3) ice princess <- Leave my ex-girlfriend out of this!

4) casey mears <- At bat? hmm.

5) ashley judd <- Sounds like country music to me.

10) cell phone subscribers in iraq and phone use has gone up 158% <-  What the heck? 

 I find it hard to believe that this is a hot trend.  Seems pretty unlikely that a phrase this long and this specific would be a top-10 Hot Trend. But I am not Google and I guess I’m not as important as Wikipedia…which seems to have a monopoly on Google search results.