WordPress 2.5 Coming Soon

I’m totally excited to hear that WordPress 2.5 is coming out.  Where did I hear about this?  Well over at the WordPress Blog of course!

There are quite a few enhancements and improvements…too many to list, so here are 5 that I’m happy to see:

1) Dashboard Widgets

2) Multi-file upload with progress bar

3) Concurrent editing protection

4) Built in galleries

5) Friendlier visual post editor – Version 3.0 of TinyMCE


I expect to see the release Monday morning.  I’m hoping that HostGator updates Fantastico as well.

Shoemoney Uses Jedi Mind Tricks to Destroy eBay-CJ.com Relationship…AND My Profits

shoemoney vader This post should also be subtitled “Shoemoney talks eBay into pulling my chances of making affiliate millions with eBay affiliate links.”

Well, the word has been out for awhile now that eBay has dumped Commission Junction and has decided to take the affiliate program in-house.

This could potentially suck for many of us. I have a few sites that are currently aggregating eBay feeds that plugin my CJ affiliate link. Also, many of you who have made a living by using BANS (Build a Niche Store) are probably sweating profusely. What the heck is going on?

Come April 1st, eBay will officially launch the eBay Partner Network.


Why? Please, let me reference something from his blog:

“When we won eBay’s developer of the year award for 2007…we were given the opportunity to have lunch with President of eBay U.S. John Donahue… Somewhere in the conversation he asked me what was the 1 biggest thing they could do to improve the affiliate program? My answer: Drop commission junction asap.

Good new though.  I’ve recently found out from Kelvin over at BANS that the system will be updated soon after the affiliate transition at eBay has occurred.  Now I’ve got to update my RSS feed scripts…hopefully eBay’s links will be simple to implement.

Lucky for you Jeremy, I won’t have to use the Triangle Choke on you! 

Shoemoney Hacked?

I was just about to write a post about Shoemoney, but at the moment, his site is down. Come on man…wake up. WAKE UP Shoemoney! :(

Throwing a Cheeseburger is Not an Offence

This is one funny story that had me falling off my chair from Ananova:

“Fast food attack on go slow doctor

An Austrian doctor lodged a complaint after a lorry driver threw a cheeseburger at him for driving too slowly.

But police told Hannes Kohl, from Vienna, that burger throwing was not an offence.

He was hit on the head by the cheese burger thrown by an overtaking lorry driver through his open car window.

Dr Kohl, who was on his way to a medical congress in the Czech Republic, said: “I was going slowly but that was no excuse for this outrageous attack.

“I complained to the police but they told me it was not an offence to throw a burger at someone, and my insurance company also refused to pay up even though there was melted cheese and ketchup on my suit and all over my car.”

From Ananova