Jobs in Surabaya? – Wow…Many Jobs!

unprotected-260708-4_0001 This is an interesting site which is run by my buddy Giri Trisanto.  If you are looking for a job in Surabaya, then this is the place!  It is obvious that the primary purpose for Giri is to generate some affiliate cash from the site.  But, at the same time he does provide some really useful information!

The job listings are for, it seems, vacant jobs in the Surabaya area and are collected from various printed media.  When he says various, he means it!  I have never seen an online job site that actually posts actual newspaper job clippings!  I actually think that is pretty cool.

From a design perspective the site is a little lost.  BUT, he does provide a pretty cool tag cloud of job categories.  I think it is cool, but maybe should list all of the categories…maybe a select 20 or so.

So here are my suggestions to make this site better.

1) Shrink the tag cloud to about 100 categories – and maybe consider placing it in your right menu bar area.

2) Remove all of the OUR SPONSORS banners on the right side…this is saturating your message.  What you want to do is limit your viewers choices for ads…helps them decide a littler better.

3) Remove the calendar…I think these are worthless.

4) Remove the special Comments widget

5) Remove the STATISTIC chart (You never really want people to know your traffic…especially if it is not in the 10s of thousands a day.

6) Remove the SPONSOR LOGO section

7) Limit the number of feedback ads from Google at the top.

8) I LOVE the news clipping job postings! These are pretty unique!

9) The Adsense blending is excellent!

Overall, the site makes great use of the functionality of Blogger.  I really think you can increase your revenue by actually limiting the number of revenue selections on the site.

ABCs On The Net – Mysteries of the Internet Jargon Explained

revised-cover3d_small I’ve been working on the Internet since the early 90’s, so yes, I must admit that sometimes I do get a little annoyed when people stop and ask "What does web browser mean?"

Also, after attending several Internet Marketing conferences it was quite apparent many "newbies" attending were lost when many of the speakers  talked using the language of the internet. Hence, the creation of an Internet Dictionary- ABCs on The Net. is an incredible product created by Christine Robins…in fact I have to call this the Asprin for non "newbies."  This is yet another product that should be a prerequisit for people starting out with Internet Marketing and the Internet in general.

Christine’s book explains to in terms that are easily understood.  Not like those arrogant know it alls you may run into all the time. 

But Christine takes this product one step forward.  She is so confident that her product will help you understand Internet marketing that she even includes the resell rights to it!  That means that once you are rip roaring to go that you actually now have a product to sell, or even give away!  Good stuff Christine!

Now for a review…just a few things come to mind. 

1) The header graphic seems just a bit too wide.  I would chop off about 25 pixels from either side.  In some browsers it floats to the left or right of your margin lines.

2) Your tag line should use a question mark instead of an exclamation.

3) Your main call out quote should be reworded…maybe something like "We Deciper Internet Jargon for You!" or maybe "Finally, Internet Jargon Explained!" or maybe even "Finally! The Language of the Internet Explained!"

2) Consider increasing the cell padding of your main body section.  Effectively push it a little more away from the inner margin border.

But simple aesthetics aside, this is one powerful book that I highly recommend!

Make one sale and your investment is returned!  What other very small investment gives you the potential return that this brand new package does?

Nice work Christine!

Special Report Generator – Convert those Cold Visitors

special-report-generator Who doesn’t like to offer free, special reports? It’s the favorite lead generation tool of most successful marketers! Truth be told, this is the secret that I’ve personally learned from great marketers such as Stephen Pierce and Mike Filsaime

In  fact, there is one thing that Mike said to me that will stick with me forever.  He said, "Listen Tony, regardless of what you are selling, unless you grab a lead then your venture will turn to crap…without leads you’ve got nothing."

Kristi Sayles got it right with her site,  This software teaches you how to create your own with a user-friendly, step by step guide.

Yes, it is hard to believe that you can potentially make tons of cash by giving away something, but it is true.  I’ve made HUGE mistakes by not doing this and now I’m kicking myself. 

Ok, now I have to comeback to Earth. I said I was reviewing the site, so here goes…

I just have a few things to point out that may possibly increase Kristi’s sales

The first thing is ClickBank should be added as an option to sell the product.  Why?  Because I’ve made thousands of dollars by having super affiliates sell the product for me…because ClickBank’s affiliate tools, I feel are much more tantalizing than PayPal. 

My only other suggestion is to place the main body kept a white background, with the surrounding screen a blue or something…something to contrast the center.  Just take a peek at my suggestions of deconstructing a killer sales page for suggestions.

Other than that, looks great Kristi!  This is a great product that every person MUST have in their Internet Marketing toolbox.

Forward-and-Share, I Call it a Fun Portal

Fluffy the English Vampire Loup wasn’t kidding when he sub-titled the site "Where eclecticism has been at its best (allegedly)…"  I have seen some really crazy humor portals out there, but this one really hits home.  Why? Because it is not your run of the mill humor portal.

Loup does a great job of finding some of the most eclectic stuff out there.  Check out "Fluffy the English Vampire" for instance.  But it doesn’t stop there.   Loup has some cool stuff dating back since 2005, including April fools stuff, funny video clips, music, Doctor Who stuff and others.

The Blogger hosted site makes good use of default themes…very easy on the eyes, however my main grip is that I see too many things that saturate the site.  In particular, the two left menus contain too many ads, or links that just don’t stand out well.

I must say though, Loup’s blended Adsense menu bar at the top tricked me :)   Nice work Loup!

Website Reviews are Coming Soon!

dorkie Bill and Tony Schiffbauer talk about website reviews Thanks goes to all the readers of my list for submitting their web sites for my review.  I think this is a great tool in order to get out your message, provide fresh content for my site, and potentially show others some really cool web sites.

My reviews are simple:  I discuss the design, layout and content. If you would like me to review your site feel free to send me a message at my official contact form here.

Space is limited, so after 20 reviews I will start charging for reviews…so get in now.