Pittsburgh’s NEW #1 SEO – TonyRocks.com

pittsburgh #1 seo company is tonyrocks.com Ok, I’ve decided to hijack the top position held by Eyeflow.com for  Pittsburgh’s #1 Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing company. Why? Because I can and I will.  Pittsburgh SEO will never be the same once TonyRocks.com grabs hold of it.

SEO and Internet Marketing is one easy market to penetrate in Pittsburgh.  There are not many people out there like us in the Pittsburgh area…which can been understood by the amount of paid advertising that you will see from Google for the search term Pittsburgh’s #1 Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing.

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Barack Obama is Tony Rocks? Who is Barack Obama?

barack-bar-obama Some people think that Barack Obama is really Tony Rocks.  But what I am here to tell you today that it is not so.  Barack Obama is not Tony Rocks.  Tony Rocks is actually Tony Schiffbauer…not Barack Obama.

So, why am I telling you this? Because people are just totally amazed at how much buzz Barack Obama creates and are usually confused by the buzz usually created by me. But still, hats off to Barack Obama for recognizing the importance of being cutting-edge…just like Tony Rocks.

Bob Barr for President. No Baracks were harmed during this posting.

The Best SEO Company In Pittsburgh – Tony Rocks

tonyrocks.com best seo company in pittsburgh You heard be right.  I’m declaring that I, Tony Rocks is THE best SEO company in Pittsburgh.  I predict that within two hours of this post that I will overtake the top spot in Google (bye bye top spot, currently held by eyeflow.com) for the the Best SEO company in Pittsburgh.

Am I bragging? No, of course not! But consider that I am the sexiest man in Pittsburgh, but far from sexy, my SEO techniques work like a charm!  If you would like help from me, please, contact me.  My consulting fees are low and my techniques work! 

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The Best Business Review Site in Pittsburgh

best-business-review-site-in-pittsburgh I usually get tired of seeing the same reviews from the same review site. I’ve recently stumbled upon what I feel is the best business review site in PittsburghReviewPage.com

I think this site is the best (atleast for me) because for one thing it is run by a great company in Pittsburgh.  What more could you ask for? ReviewPage.com is great because it includes a social element to reviewing businesses in the Pittsburgh area.

From the site you can see reviews of Arts, Autos, Dining, and all kinds of other cool business in the Pittsburgh Area. It is free to signup and read and write reviews for what you feel are the best or the worst business places in Pittsburgh.

Another reason why I think it is the best business review site in Pittsburgh is the fact there is a review of PF Chang’s…one of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh.