My Favorite CPA Affiliate Network – Hydra

hydra-cpa I’ve always been a big fan of promoting CPA networks…in particular Primary Ads.  I love getting some nice cash and high conversions with Zip code and email offers. However, my new found favorite is Hydra Network.

Hydra is the only 100% performance-based affiliate network and has been giving some extreme cash payouts.  In fact, it has been a favorite with the Arbitrage Conspiracy guys!

I’ve been using it primarily at and the ads have been converting quite well.  More than 3 times as well as my Primary Ads CPA offers.

The advantages of using Hydra CPA are:

  • They’ll beat any payout for the same campaign
  • Their property tracking and reporting is simply brilliant…easy to read and to the point.
  • You can earn prizes and more cash with their rewards program.
  • You get a personal assistant to help make your campaigns a success.

I can honestly tell you that I have been totally impressed with the whole CPA experience of Hydra Networks.  This system works hand in hand with article marketing and arbitrage. 

I definitely suggest you join Hydra Network, The Leading Performance-Based Advertising Network, Today!

Annual Report Cover Design

cover-designs-annual-reports I didn’t realize how important annual report cover design was until I started working for a marketing communications company.  Sure, the annual report is one of the most important tools in investor relations, but from a non-investors perspective, what good is it? This is where designing a cool annual report comes in. 

The annual report must reflect a company’s values, yes, but lets take the boring factor out of it.  Let’s create some unique and innovative cover designs that will be the talk of the town.  A good annual report cover design, in my opinion helps non-investor types appreciate how meaningful the report actually is.

With the advent of reducing paper, annual report design has gone a step further…web versions.  Brady Communications has won a few awards for their awesome and unique traditional print annual report cover designs, but their design expertise doesn’t stop there.  Brady is also a top-notch web design shop, so you can expect them to create unique print and Web reports that communicate complex issues and messages to stakeholders.

They also have a cool and extensive portfolio of annual report cover designs here.

Brady Communications in Pittsburgh

marketing-communication-pittsburgh I’m so glad to be back into the swing of things in the marketing communications realm.  I’ve got to tell you that I am totally impressed with Brady Communications.  I’ll be working on some cool and impressive things…right here in Pittsburgh

Also, for once I can actually tell people what my job is.  I’m a web strategist for a full-service national marketing communications firm that actually does much more than a typical design firm or ad agency.  It is also great to work on projects outside of Pittsburgh!

So now I’m off to work on some great, creative, branding…all things marketing communications…projects!  My favorite so far, Tippmann Sports! If you are in to paintball, then you MUST visit for sure.