5 Lies Pittsburgh SEO Companies Like to Tell

Pittsburgh SEO ComaniesYeah, this sounds like another “fluff” article on SEO, but please let me explain.  Pittsburgh SEO companies and also SEO companies in general (off-shore, hired marketing firms, other SEO gurus) are always telling you the best way to optimize your site is to hire them.  Their expertise is beyond you and their promises are through the roof.

Pittsburgh SEO Companies want you to believe…

In fact, you may find other articles out there that tell you that what they are selling is a pack of lies.  This is also not true.  Every company can benefit by hiring somebody other than themselves to work some SEO magic.

So, whether you pick me to do some SEO work for you or another firm, keep in mind these 5 lies that I/these companies may shout as SEO gospel.

1.  SEO will pave the way to success

You may run into Pittsburgh SEO companies that will tell you that SEO is the first step in finding future success with your business.  This is simply not true.  Though it is good practice and good discipline to create good structure for SEO, it is not the only piece of the puzzle.

2. SEO Company will get your site listed in 500 Search Engines

Oh come on, this article just got silly.   500 search engines?  no way.  How many do you personally use?  Chances are…1…or 2 if you are at your parents house and they choose to use Bing.  Let’s stay focused here.  The SEO company in Pittsburgh or anywhere else should only be looking at getting listed in Google.  PERIOD.

3.  SEO Eliminates the need for …

So now that I’ve become bored of writing this article, it is time to get to the closing of the 5 lies that Pittsburgh SEO companies tell…yeah yeah, I know I only made it to…um…2 1/4.  ADHD or something.

How do you generate organic SEO traffic without a Pittsburgh SEO company?

Easy.  carve out time to also update your social media spaces.  SEO is a different monster these days.  The old ideas of link building, guest blogging and link farming don’t apply like they used to.  SEO is all about making your content relevant and EASILY sharable.  Word of mouth spreads faster than any Pittsburgh SEO firm could ever promise!

Need help getting started with  a SEO and Social Optimization?  Contact me, and actual person who lives in Pittsburgh (well, close to Pittsburgh).

SEO for Google Images

seo google imagesOne thing to always remember is to take advantage of SEO for Google Images.  Just a few tips to take advantage of getting indexed in Google with your Images. (From Digital Point) Make sure you don’t miss out on the traffic image search can bring (if you post images on your blog or website) here are the factors you should take note of:

1. Text Surrounding Images – Note that the distance of the text from the image also counts so it makes sense to place the image as near as possible to the related text.

2. text of pages linking to the picture

3. the number of websites containing the same or similar image – This helps determine relevancy of image to the search term

4. size of image – Usually the image with higher resolution ranks better. Note though that users can filter search results by file size. The reasoning behind this may be more for the viewing pleasure since a higher resolution image looks better.

5. Image Resolution – Remember though that loading your page with lots of high resolution images may bog down your site causing it to have a longer loading time. Make sure you do not sacrifice usability and accessibility!

6. link relationships between images – Images that are linked together and have related associated text will help determine relevancy

7. frequency of image’s appearance in website – This pertains to logos and other recurring images. It helps determine importance and relevance of image to the website topic.

8. face and name detection – The more faces on an image the higher it is usually ranked. On the other hand if a specific name is queried then a single face with the person searched for will rank better.

Where do Guinea Pigs Sleep?

cat1Continuing with my posts about caring for guinea pigs, I wanted to talk a little about where guinea pigs sleep.  Yeah, they sleep, in your house, but where in particular should they sleep?  I suggest getting a nice cage for them with plenty of wiggle room, a little igloo-like house and a thing called a fleece forest.

leopard-fleece-forestI mean, seriously, check out this fleece forest.  Kinda reminds me of those beads back in the 70’s. I want a full-sized fleece forest for my house.

For more guinea pig supplies and cool places for your guinea pig to sleep, check out guineapigcages.com.

how to take care of guinea pigs

how to take care of guinea pigsYou may be wondering why I asked how to take care of guinea pigs? Well I came home one day and there were two guinea pigs at my house. My wife had surprised my daughter (and me) by getting her guinea pigs as gifts. But how do you take care of a guinea pigs?  What did anything to eat. What do guinea pigs not eat?

These are many questions that are on the mind of people who are you taking care of guinea pigs. So rather than being a totally informative blog post. I decided to break this topic into multiple posts and use it as an experiment to get listed in Bing.com for topics related to taking care of guinea pigs.

So I will leave this as an introduction of how to take care guinea pigs and the following topics:

Stay tuned because my next post will actually be about how to take care of your guinea pig but those different topics I mentioned above.  Also I will take a look at my stats in Bing.com and hopefully in Google search results too.

Why Pay for inbound links? Because it works.

free-inbound-linkingInbound links play a giant role in how Google ranks your pages and sites.  Sometimes it is quite difficult to get those inbound links organically.  You could always pay an agency to buy links for you, or you could search the web and find relevant places to purchase your inbound links.

I’ve recently been reading lots about a new product that supposedly does all the grunt work for you when inbound link hunting.  The product is called Link Emperor and apparently is does some amazing things. 

My friend is using Link Emperor to increase relevant traffic to their low-level feeder sites and it is proving to be very successful.  Awesome results as he says.  Essentially he has cut down his link buying bill by over 60%.

From what I am told (these are his words, not mine), Link Emperor is like owning your own team of outsourced or in-house employees doing all of the link building dirty work. 

The Link Emperor does the following:

  • Manages Thousands of Keywords
  • Regularly Builds links to ALL of them
  • Prioritizes Links based on multiple metrics
  • Hands-free, 100% automated (once set up of course!)
  • Hosted Online – which means you don’t have to screw around with getting it installed yourself on your PC.

So pretty much this product does what I do for myself and clients, manually. 

The best part about it is that they are offering a 3 day free trial, plus a 30 day money back guarantee.  I suggestion checking Link Emperor.  3 days should be enough for you to decide if this is the right tool for you.  If you are spending over $500 a month buying links, then this is a no-brainer!