How to increase the number of social followers

skittles-cd-front-cover Many people ask me, Tony, how the heck to I increase my number of followers and fans on Twitter or Facebook?  I tell them it is simple, start passing out a few bucks here and there and soon you will be on your path to enlightenment.

Seriously, you don’t need to spend any money to get more followers or fans on Twitter of Facebook.  What you can do is try to remember that your social media outlets are there to have others recommend you to others and that is really how you increase your base. 

There are a few things you can do such as post your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube links on your company’s website and then HOPE they will follow you, OR you can take the approach Skittles did and randomly redirect their company website to their social websites.  This is a great technique that can increase the awareness of your social media initiatives.  This is a pretty slick idea that I’m willing to try out.  Don’t be annoyed if you expect to see the awesome Tony Rocks homepage, but then get redirected to my Twitter page :)

The 5 Suckiest Celebrity Rock Video Attempts

sucky videos I love it when celebrities think that they are so important and talented that fulfilling their childhood dreams of being a rock star would be simple.  Well, yes it is simple…they have the money to make video, what else do you need?  How about some vocal talent? Ugh.  Well, here are some of my favorite dumb celebrity attempts at making a rock video. (In no particular order because they all suck)

#5 Don Johnson – Heartbeat 1986

Cool enough for Miami, but super lame for a rock video.  This song is absolutely horrible and Don’s singing skills are similar to your dad singing Karaoke at a bar on Wednesday night.

#4 Eddie Murphy – Party All the Time 1987

We all love Eddie, we all love Rick James, but when you put the two together it is like sniffing ammonia solvents for fun.  What is up with the squeaky voice, Eddie?  And get a look at Rick’s hair?  Rick Astley actually looks like he could kick Rick James’ bootie in this video.

#3 Mr T. – Treat Your Mama Right 1986?

I know, Mr T could kick my butt for posting this, but I have to tell you, I was amazed that he would do such a thing…In fact I pitty the fo… never mind.  This technically isn’t a rock video, but I figured seeing Mr T in a new light would be interesting for all to see. TREAT HER RIGHT, TREAT YOUR MAMMA RIGHT!

#2 Patrick Swayze – She’s Like the Wind 1988

More like, He Breaks the Wind.  This song is is soooo riddled with reverb that it makes you wonder how much heroin the studio engineers had to go through in order to tolerate a mix-down of this tune. Patrick’s facial expressions flow well with his awesome super mullet. I hate that stupid Dirty Dancing movie.

#1 Bruce Willis – Respect Yourself 1987

One of my favorite tough-guys on tv and the movies really lost respect from me with this horrible version of Madonna’s hit…wait, did she do it after him? Doesn’t matter.  Yeah, I know Bruce is supposed to be a “blues man” and plays the harmonica, but this video will make you wonder that.  Sorry Bruce…this songs stinks.  Respect acting…not singing next time.

Spying on Chat Programs

I’m sure you’ve seen the spy programs out there, you know, the ones that say Spy on Your Wife, Spy on You Children.  Spy on anything used on your computer. Well you don’t have to actually buy those things if you only want to see what is going on with chat sessions.

Now I don’t think it is a good idea to spy on chat sessions, but spying on chat sessions to recover lost information is a good thing.  If you are not sure what I mean then here is a better description.  Technically it is not spying if you are looking at stuff you’ve typed. 

So why spy on chat sessions?  Well, a situation occurred when I had a very detailed chat session with a potential customer which actually contained a few conversations about specific items such as timeframe of project, phone numbers and emails.  Well, I accidentally closed out the chat session before I could save all of that important information.

Like many things on the Internet chat sessions are usually logged in some form.  Especially the chat program clients such as AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger and my favorite, Trillian.  I’ll show you what you can do to get started with “spying” or logging your favorite chat program.

You need to make sure you have chat logging turned on.  If you are using Trillian, go to the Trillian Preferences Menu:

Next click Activity History.  This will allow you to select what to log. 

From the preference setting, you can select what items you would like to log. If these items are already selected then you have already been logging your chat sessions.

To make things easy on yourself, you should select an easy to remember folder location to save the history of the chat sessions. 

By default Trillian stores its chat sessions to c:\Program Files\Trillian\users\default\logs.  Save your preferences and then you are ready to go!

Now to check things out and to “spy” on the chat sessions, open your Windows Explorer to this path:

C:\Program Files\Trillian\users\default\logs

If you use Trillian as your main chat client for the big-three chat services, then you will see a folder for MSN, AOL and Yahoo:

I would like to see what I typed to an old buddy of mine through AOL.  Under the AOL directory is another directory called Query.  It is under this directory where you will find all of the related chat sessions with specific users in XML and LOG (which can be read in a text editor).

Go ahead and plop those .log files into a text editor and enjoy your past.  You will be surprised as what you or your chat buddies have said before.

Spy Software Resources:

Taking on WordPress and Flickr

I’ve recently installed Community Server over on as an experiment in social networking and to extend the user experience to  This platform is pretty cool and is 100% ASP.NET 2.0/C#.  Everyone is used to running social networking apps with PHP/mySQL, so this will prove exciting to watch how it grows and handles user load.

I’ve decided to call the “experience” Friendspot.  Just a nice collaberative environement for people to start a blog like WordPress, create a photo sharing gallery and to also participate in forums.  No, I am not really taking on WordPress and Flickr, but I would like to see how something like that operates.  What better way through experiementation.

Signing up through the site gives all users their own blog, image gallery and user account to use in the forums. I’ve set one up just to see how the thing works.  You can even use themes for everything…forum, blog, gallery.  really neato stuff.