unprotected-260708-4_0001 This is an interesting site which is run by my buddy Giri Trisanto.  If you are looking for a job in Surabaya, then this is the place!  It is obvious that the primary purpose for Giri is to generate some affiliate cash from the site.  But, at the same time he does provide some really useful information!

The job listings are for, it seems, vacant jobs in the Surabaya area and are collected from various printed media.  When he says various, he means it!  I have never seen an online job site that actually posts actual newspaper job clippings!  I actually think that is pretty cool.

From a design perspective the site is a little lost.  BUT, he does provide a pretty cool tag cloud of job categories.  I think it is cool, but maybe should list all of the categories…maybe a select 20 or so.

So here are my suggestions to make this site better.

1) Shrink the tag cloud to about 100 categories – and maybe consider placing it in your right menu bar area.

2) Remove all of the OUR SPONSORS banners on the right side…this is saturating your message.  What you want to do is limit your viewers choices for ads…helps them decide a littler better.

3) Remove the calendar…I think these are worthless.

4) Remove the special Comments widget

5) Remove the STATISTIC chart (You never really want people to know your traffic…especially if it is not in the 10s of thousands a day.

6) Remove the SPONSOR LOGO section

7) Limit the number of feedback ads from Google at the top.

8) I LOVE the news clipping job postings! These are pretty unique!

9) The Adsense blending is excellent!

Overall, the site makes great use of the functionality of Blogger.  I really think you can increase your revenue by actually limiting the number of revenue selections on the site.

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