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Yes, tax time is here again and…well it really isn’t here until April, but still.  Many of you choose to do your taxes on your own with Turbo Tax.  I find Turbo Tax to be pretty easy to use, however finding a cheap copy is hard to come by.  In fact, I think the price of the version I use has gone up $20 this year.

Never fret, I’ve found some discount links for Turbo Tax 2011 that will help you out. 

J&R Provides the basic version for $29.95. Intuit TurboTax Basic 2011 – Windows Guides you step by step through your tax return / Easily imports prior year tax data/documents / Automatically Fills in W-2 and 1099 Info (Rebate available from 11/20/2011 to 04/16/2012)

However, if you want to save $.95, you may want to pick this up at Walmart. Plus, you can usually get this shipped directly to the store. TurboTax Basic Fed + E-File 2011 gives you basic plus the Federal (which is what we all need anyways!).

Intuit TurboTax Basic Federal + Efile 2011

Now this is the one I like and have used in the past. The only thing missing is the local taxes! This one includes TurboTax Home and Business Fed + E-File + State 2011 guides you step by step through your self-employment and personal income taxes. Get help finding small business tax deductions and industry specific deductions. File your federal taxes federally for free and receive electronic confirmation from the IRS.

There you have it, just a few choices of cheap copies of TurboTax 2011. Yeah, I said cheap, not free 🙂

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