Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Just a quick post to introduce a a new project of mine to blog about Lemon Laws.  I actually know people who have been through the whole process of getting their car qualified as a lemon.  Learning from them I decided to create a site devoted to Lemon Laws.

But I didn’t want to just leave it at that.  I wanted to start from scratch with all of the techniques of properly “SEOing” a website.  My check list is this:

  • Use Word Press
  • Write a blog post here to get things spidered
  • Add Google Analytics code.
  • Turn on Custom PermaLinks so that my URL’s contained the key phrases
  • Modify the header.PHP file to swap the wording around to reflect the blog post
  • Install the home page control plugin to maintain a static home page
  • Add links relates to lemon law subjects
  • Add the sitemap builder
  • Add Adsense Injection to help me make some cash from this venture
  • Wire an article about lemon laws and post it to with a link to this new site

I’ll let you know how the progress goes with my lemon law site.  I know it sucks that I have it as a subdomain of a totally unrelated subject blog, but what the heck. 

Let’s just throw that strangeness in to see how the search engine listings grow.

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