I’m totally amazed at how popular breakdancing, poppin’ and lockin’ and Beat Boxing has become in the past few years.  Being a child of the 80’s I can totally admit to throwing down the cardboard and doing a few back spins here and there.  But you know, I’ve come across a few videos of kids these days who are just amazing at the whole breakdancing thing. 

Check out the kid in the organge..major robot dance skills:

I remember seeing a few news interviews around 1983 or so of breakdance crews claiming that gang fights would be replaced by BREAKDANCE showdowns! Yeah right!

Anyways, for all my old school rap buddies, below was my favorite song to breakdance to:

UTFO a with Roxanne Roxanne

A few more old-school rap favorites of mine:

  • Egyptian Lover – Egyptian Lovers
  • Fat Boys – BDDDDD STICK EM’
  • Pretty Tony – Computer Language


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