Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

virla-Facebook_Application_1 If have not already created a Facebook applications, then you are seriously missing out.  The Facebook application framework (APIs available for .NET and PHP) is so forgiving that creating a viral Facebook application can be done in minutes.

Creating the app is one thing, but creating a viral application is the primary purposes of spending any time on creating one.  Brady Communications took the simple, yet effective concept of the snowball application and applied it to paintball!

With the snowball application, you can throw virtual snowballs at your friends.  Sounds silly, right?  It is! But it is brilliant and the app spread virally like nobody could have ever imagined!

Brady Communications applied the same viral concepts of the snowball applications and applied it to the sport of Paint Ball!  So rather than throwing snowballs, you can shoot paint balls at your friends.  What makes the Brady viral Facebook application cooler than the snowball application is that your screen gets plastered with paintball splats.   Pretty cool in my book.

Upon the launch of the paintball viral Facebook application it gained 1000+ user the first weekend alone (when web traffic is typically slower).  The viral application helped doubled the client’s Facebook fan base.

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