revised-cover3d_small I’ve been working on the Internet since the early 90’s, so yes, I must admit that sometimes I do get a little annoyed when people stop and ask "What does web browser mean?"

Also, after attending several Internet Marketing conferences it was quite apparent many "newbies" attending were lost when many of the speakers  talked using the language of the internet. Hence, the creation of an Internet Dictionary- ABCs on The Net. is an incredible product created by Christine Robins…in fact I have to call this the Asprin for non "newbies."  This is yet another product that should be a prerequisit for people starting out with Internet Marketing and the Internet in general.

Christine’s book explains to in terms that are easily understood.  Not like those arrogant know it alls you may run into all the time. 

But Christine takes this product one step forward.  She is so confident that her product will help you understand Internet marketing that she even includes the resell rights to it!  That means that once you are rip roaring to go that you actually now have a product to sell, or even give away!  Good stuff Christine!

Now for a review…just a few things come to mind. 

1) The header graphic seems just a bit too wide.  I would chop off about 25 pixels from either side.  In some browsers it floats to the left or right of your margin lines.

2) Your tag line should use a question mark instead of an exclamation.

3) Your main call out quote should be reworded…maybe something like "We Deciper Internet Jargon for You!" or maybe "Finally, Internet Jargon Explained!" or maybe even "Finally! The Language of the Internet Explained!"

2) Consider increasing the cell padding of your main body section.  Effectively push it a little more away from the inner margin border.

But simple aesthetics aside, this is one powerful book that I highly recommend!

Make one sale and your investment is returned!  What other very small investment gives you the potential return that this brand new package does?

Nice work Christine!

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  1. Tony
    What can I say!? THANKS!
    My first major product… and your comments were so positive. Yes, I’ve revisited the site and taken your “review” advice. All fixed!
    Working in a vacuum as we do, it has been just so good to get some feedback. Really appreciate you taking the time.
    Good luck with your current ventures. If there’s something I can ever do for you, just let me know. 🙂
    Christine R.

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