Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Ok, so I’ve been hacking around with JRuby recently but I’m not sure if I’m too thrilled with it.  I’ve been so used to working with TRuby that maybe my opinion of JRuby has been skewed.  Yeah, you caught me, I’m just making up stuff.  I’ll change gears here and give you my top 5 reason to use JRuby:

  1. Access to Java
  2. Awesome JRuby Shirts
  3. Appealing to companies with legacy code.

Now, I don’t want to sway you to pick any particular version of Ruby.  Chances are you are using a shared hosting platform and are limited to whatever the heck the web hosting company gives you.  Whatever you pick, consider using Ruby on Whales for a framework.

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