special-report-generator Who doesn’t like to offer free, special reports? It’s the favorite lead generation tool of most successful marketers! Truth be told, this is the secret that I’ve personally learned from great marketers such as Stephen Pierce and Mike Filsaime

In  fact, there is one thing that Mike said to me that will stick with me forever.  He said, "Listen Tony, regardless of what you are selling, unless you grab a lead then your venture will turn to crap…without leads you’ve got nothing."

Kristi Sayles got it right with her site, SpecialReportGenerator.com.  This software teaches you how to create your own with a user-friendly, step by step guide.

Yes, it is hard to believe that you can potentially make tons of cash by giving away something, but it is true.  I’ve made HUGE mistakes by not doing this and now I’m kicking myself. 

Ok, now I have to comeback to Earth. I said I was reviewing the site, so here goes…

I just have a few things to point out that may possibly increase Kristi’s sales

The first thing is ClickBank should be added as an option to sell the product.  Why?  Because I’ve made thousands of dollars by having super affiliates sell the product for me…because ClickBank’s affiliate tools, I feel are much more tantalizing than PayPal. 

My only other suggestion is to place the main body kept a white background, with the surrounding screen a blue or something…something to contrast the center.  Just take a peek at my suggestions of deconstructing a killer sales page for suggestions.

Other than that, looks great Kristi!  This is a great product that every person MUST have in their Internet Marketing toolbox.

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