Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

FINALLY!  I’ve Found the Super Mario Bros, Mario Adult Costume!

Mario Bros.Mario Adult Costume We were surprised that he could stay on TV, and now this is just downright shocking. That’s right, Super Mario Brothers a costume out in all his white trash glory, so get into the minivan and go kick some doors down. While Mario is a short, pudgy Italian plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom, he’s larger than life as questionably the most famous character in video game history. Make history this Halloween and step up to this very cool Super Mario Brothers Mario costume – let the games begin. Go with a buddy dressed as Luigi for twice the fun!

Can you imagine the faces on the people are the party when Mario and Luigi Shows up?  I think it is a a pretty cool costume.  Also, I have a coupon code for this item…use this: 20% Off a single Item in the Cart from! Use Promotional Code: SPAFF20 (Expires 10/26/11)

Ok, so you got be roped into the coupon websites.   Why? Well, I’ve gotta look for a cool toddler Halloween costume for my son.  I was thinking about a Yoshi costume, toddler size of course. Check out this one:

Mario Bros. Yoshi Child Costume

I thought it was pretty cool, but I know you are probably look for more than Super Mario Bros and Yohsi Toddler Halloween Costumes, so here is my list of places for you to pick up some cool Halloween costumes:

Ok, there you have it, your complete coupon codes for the Halloween Costumes.

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