Thu. Apr 11th, 2024

Many of my clients are looking for inexpensive ecommerce solutions for selling stuff.  I’ve talked up Yahoo Stores because it was a familiar company and they seemed to have a nice and easy setup. 

Boy was I wrong.  It wasn’t until I ran into ProStores (actually offered by ebay) did I realize how backwards and counter intuitive Yahoo stores was on comparison to ProStores.

ProStores has everything you need to sart selling online Today- shopping cart, domain hosting, merchandising, reporting, and more! What I also dig is that they provide a section of the website called eCommerce 101: The basics of building a successful eCommerce website.  This picks up the slack where Yahoo stores leaves off.

The site is setup with a simple process flow:

  1. Design your store
  2. Add web store products and categories
  3. Set up payments
  4. Set up shipping and sales tax
  5. Open your business.

Whether you are selling baseball cards or bubble gum, ProStores is a great choice for picking an affordable eCommerce solution.  If you don’t believe me, the try it out for free. The free trial subscription gives you all the features as the full-blown version.

ProStores 1 Month Free Trial

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