Top 10 List of Electric Guitars – Would you agree?

16 Sep

1986 JD with first electric guitar

Ever since the guitar turned electric in 1931 rock stars have been twisting, bending and distorting the traditional sounds of the guitar to create unique master pieces that remain legendary.  I’ve decided to put together My Top 10 List of Electric Guitars for your enjoyment. Rock and roll would never be if it weren’t for […]

Is Betty White Dead?

3 Sep


What? Can this be true? Is Betty White, my favorite Golden Girl Dead? Of course not, just another hoax.

Buy somethin, will ya? – Funny Zelda Pics

11 Jul


Elvis Costello

1 Jul


How to Graph a Heart Curve in Roblox with Lua

30 May


So  my kid has been playing with Roblox for some time now.  I’m not here to explain what it is, rather this post is specific to graphing mathematical objects in Roblox with Lua scripting. The video and the code that follows is all that you need to graph a Heart Curve (cardoid) in Roblox using […]