Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Recently I’ve updated my WordPress install through Fantastico and blew up the site. Apparently the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin contains variables that are being used in the new WordPress 2.3.3 upgrade. I brought up the website to see nothing but a php error…even when trying to access the admin page. I needed to turn off the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin, but couldn’t get to it through the admin page.
I figured there had to be away to deactivate the plugins via the database. After looking through the DB using phpMYadmin and found some interesting things that pointed to the solution.
Using phpMyAdmin or similiar software MySQL access software, go to the wp_options table.

  • Find the active_plugins row. (You can search the options_name field). On my installation, it was option #39.
  • Delete everything in the options_value field.
  • Click the update button and you are good to go.

Next you’ll need to login to your WordPress admin page and start reactivating your plugins.

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