Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

This is the big question in many parents minds when kids are asking for the Wii U for Christmas.  I mean come on, you’ve already shelled out tons of dollars on those Wii games over the years.  It would certainly suck to have to use the old Wii games as coasters.

But, don’t fret, the Wii U has been design to be backward compatible.  Meaning that yes you will be able to use your old Wii games.  But why would you want to?  Why not start fresh this Christmas? The Wii U games make use of the cool new touch screen controllers!

Nintendo will be launching the Wii U with 23 new Wii U games to start! I have a list of some of the new game titles for the Wii U:

Walmart is actually selling a Nintendo Wii U Solution Bundle w/ Customer Choice of Wii U Game and Controller as a system option together and it  will include some great games to boot.

So you’ve got plenty of new titles to start with, and they all make use of the new touch screen controllers.  The system goes on sale November 18th with 2 models: 8GB and one that is 32GB Wii U…starting at $299. Nintendo Wii U

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