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cellphone-advice I’ve reviewed quite a few sites in my time, but not many affected me the way Haakon’s site did.  His site, blew me away from all ends.  The design is smooth, crisp and consistent.  His blending of affiliate ads are incredible.

Utilizing everything from Amazon Widgets to eBay rover ads, his site really does take affiliate aggregation to a new level.  You’ve seen the generic aggregate type sites out there  and they really do look like what they are intended for…just to generate revenue.

Haakon’s cell phone web site not only displays affiliate ads, but is also comes across as an actual knowledge portal for cell phone seekers.  Nice work indeed.

I do have a few suggestions on how to maybe increase his Adsense revenue.  I’ve been tinkering with increasing my CTR rate and learned a few things on the way.  From looking at the articles section, a few things can be done in regards to Adsense formatting. Look at this page for instance:

While the top menu links look cool by having more menu items, the truth is, only the top 3 bids will make you good cash with link units

My tip is to stick with the vertical format, but only choose to display 4 across (Like what I’ve done at 

Why? Because you want to limit what users click…trust me, you would much rather want them to click on a link that generates a dollar per click than one that yields 2 cents per click.  The only way to really do this is to only include the people in the bidding war for top spottypically the first 4 ads.

Next, you should use the small block for your article intro.  The same concept applies for limiting your visitors clicking options.

Lastly, I would wrap your article with a small text banner (again like the one at

These little tips should actually increase you CTR for Adsense.  Feel free to download my super CTR WordPress theme called SuperSense to see how these small changes can improve your CTR and revenue generating potential.

Nice work Haakon! 

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3 thoughts on “Cell Phone Tuition – Simply Brilliant Display of Affiliate Marketing”
  1. Hey Tony. Nice article. I came to read it while I was searching how to contact you. Cause, since Scott Trimble invited me to have a look at your Supersense site, you must have been in an enormous rush getting it online. (Like attracts like, cause, Scott cant spell either.. lol) (check the link Scott has on his page, which I told him about while launching Storestacker…) (Copyright 2007, Halfagain LLC) (link points, still points that is to!!) I am sorry to say, but you have quite some zpellingmiztakez in your Supersense promo page. While I can read past it, it may cost you some people who will click away. Just so you know. You have ZpellingMiztakes..

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