Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

This picture is awesome.  Apparently a Mountain Lion is walking around South Western Pennsylvania…as shown by this deer cam.

pennsylvania mountain lion deer cam

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9 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Mountain Lion Spotted on Deer Cam”
  1. I heard a mountain lion scream behind me in Nort East, PA woodson 4/28/10. Set up trail cam next day. It was heard again in July, actual sighting by a farmer in August. I found & photographed paw prints with a tape measure beside them. Finally on 11/1/10 my Stealth Cam got a picture of it 51′ away. Showed everything to the PA Game Commission & they said it was probably a bobcat! You can clearly see that the grass is 1′ tall and comes up to the bottom of it belly. Left rear footprint is 6″ x 3 1/2″ wide. Picture clearly shows a long tail & is about 2″ around. The bottom of the picture says: Stealth Cam 11-1-2010. 11:23:56 am. How can you fake a picture on a game camera?

  2. I had a Mt. Lion on my back deck 3 springs ago in April and also Pics of his tracks. I live in Rew, Pa. aalso got a pic of a track at Leriby Y, near Eldred .Pa. In Rew, Pa. out behind the Rew Firehall, 3 falls ago, i was hunting squirrels, and i seen a Black Panther, about the size of a Mt. Lion Also near Rew, Pa. this spring i found where something killed a Hog. The area was all torn up. It has 1-4th, inch tusks, a long snout, but was a young one, about 60 lbs. I have piture of it and also have the whole skeleton. I don’t care what anybody says, I SEEN ALL OF THIS!!

  3. A friend of mine works for the Pa Game Commission, he told me there are Mt Lions in Pa. They were released a few years back to help control the coyote population that were released originally to control the deer population.

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