Mon. Jun 10th, 2024

These pictures are incredibly funny. Nothing like snapping the camera at just the right moment to preserve embarrassment forever!

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7 thoughts on “Pictures Taken at Just the Right Time”
  1. Genious, I will make a website where I collect pictures from alot of other websites and then I put them on my website,cause people havnt seen them before. Get your own pics next time.

  2. Adam, this is a little invention called… The internet! Heard of it? It’s not exclusive to content posted one time only you fucking moron. Go be a bitch somewhere else, like at the park or something, because from the looks of it, it seems you need a life. Badly. <3

  3. lol
    omg that was the funnyest thing that i’ve ever seen befor soory for the guy that got his face planted in a bike tier and with guy with the soccer ball planted in his face “love your biges fan” taylor lautner call me at 910-345-4457

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