magic-mouse Suddenly, everything clicks. And swipes. And scrolls.  And gives you overnight protection!  Is it just me or does the new Apple MagicMouse look like a maxipad?  Again, it seems to me that they’re covert spies working within the design department at Apple.  It happened first with the toilet seat Imac, then the TRS-80 looking chicklet keyboard Mac Book (look at my old post called Apple hires Radio Shack to design new Mac Book), now, the potty humor of Apple design continues with this confusing new design.
trs-80_thumb[1] I may be missing something here.  I know Apple is all about fluid, natural designs (they’ve proved that with the cheese grater looking G5), but the person that come up with the MagicMouse may have been a woman…or a man who thought, “I need to make this look inviting to women so that they feel comfortable and confident to work on that Maxim magazine photo spread.”  Yeah, something like that.
So I can’t wait to see what Apple comes up with next.  I know they are working on some kick-butt tablet touch screen computers, I just hope they continue their innovative, natural, fluid-like designs.

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