Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Nintendo Wii Customer Choice Bundle Nintendo’s exciting new Wii console, featuring a remarkable wireless controller experience, invites players into game worlds and activities like never before.

Whether young or old, expert gamers or beginners, Wii players can now express themselves like never before — with intuitive motion control using the Wii Remote — a flick of the wrist to swing a baseball bat or tennis racket, a backswing and follow-through to send a golf ball flying over a pristine fairway. Wii Sports, packaged with the Wii console, introduces players to those and many other experiences.

The sleek Wii console, no larger than a stack of several DVD cases, includes a Wii Sports Game Disc (5 games: Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Bowling and Boxing), a sensor bar, a standard composite cable, a Wii stand, a Wii Remote and a Nunchuk for even more exciting game-control possibilities.

Key Features:

  • Provides an immersive, engaging experience like no other, where the player is more connected to the game than ever before.
  • Wii Remote utilizes motion sensor control allowing players to be a part of the game through natural and intuitive movement.
  • Wii offers entertainment for every member of the household. Anyone of any age or skill level can pick up and play games on Wii.
  • Virtual Console offers access to a library of downloadable games. Select games from the original Nintendo Entertainment system, Super NES and Nintendo 64 as well as new content that will be designed specifically for Wii.
  • Wii plays all Nintendo GameCube video games.
  • Wii offers more than just games. With the Wii Menu, you can check the news, create a caricature of yourself and play yourself in a game, view and send personal photos, or even check the weather.

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