Halloween Costumes Video

Do you Know what the coolest Halloween Costume Video is? Well you should …
When something like Halloween Costumes hits the Yahoo Buzz Report it starts to to appear on my radar screen. When Halloween Costumes hits Google Current I’m tracking it as a target. Now if Halloween Costumes appear on Google Zeitgeist that would just be too weird! Ok, enough plagerisin da wolf…
All right so it’s really is a silly spoof on Halloween Costumes, since Halloween is right around the corner. You can see if in the Halloween Costumes Video below

Strangely no one has been bold enough and created a wikiality for Mutel about these Halloween Costumes. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those halloween costumes.
Halloween Costumes Ideas and Resources

And if you are looking for (oh geez) Halloween Costumes for your cats, well here you go:

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