Yes, I said podcasting killed my monkey.  But what I meant to say was podcasting tips. Who needs them you ask? Isn’t this all about self expression and sticking it to the recording industry man?  Well, maybe it is, but still even the most polished blog professional needs a few hints and tips for podcasting. That’s why I titled this post!  So EVERYONE can take a peek…even those arrogant podcasters who feel they don’t need any tips.

I’m not going to bore you with what podcasting programs to go with, what input settings to set you mic to, or even what format to store the podcast.  You should know that stuff already.  What I want to talk about is that the sheer basics of broadcasting are ignored anymore with podcasting.

My first complaint is people who don’t edit their recording.  Let’s face it, not all of us our seasoned broadcasters or announcers.  Releasing unedited podcasts will show your audience how much of a lamer you are…how many times you repeat a phrase when trying to sound like an expert.  Here is an example conversation:

“So John, tell me a little more about how much ROI you can get when you invest something in your super duper product to get super duper roi”

I know, that was a bit extreme, but go ahead and try to record yourself talking about something off-the-cuff.

Also, edit your podcast to remove any overtalkes or interruptions with your interview (if you are interviewing somebody for your podcast).  Nobody needs to hear that you like to interrupt people.

Stop using stupid bumper music for your segment, or atleast pick some stock music without any lyrics.  A listener may think you are totally awesome until they hear that a Michael Bolton song is your intro and bumper music.

Speaking of Michael Bolton, for some reason I find this rendition of “How Can We Be Lovers” just totally mind blowing.

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